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Office: Hexie Road, Sanjiao Town, Zhongshan City, China
Factory: Hexie Road, Sanjiao Town, Zhongshan City, China
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"Tajima and BARUDAN “Embroidery machines from Japan; Woven machines from Sweden; Rotary printing machines from Italy.

When we talking about custom patches, we're not joking.

For custom embroidery patch, we offer hundreds of different thread colors, nearly hundred kinds of Twill fabric colors for your choice. Our Threads and Twill fabric all has been passed the test by "OEKO-TEX", that means our patches can easily pass the European and American textile industry standards.

Our own design team has many years of patch design experience and we have completed many custom patch orders. On the basis of rich experience, we can design very nice patches according to your requirements. If you have any new ideas, please feel free to contact us, our designers will very happy to help for your diverse customization requirements.