Chenille Patches

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Custom Chenille Patches

Chenille Patches means warm. Chenille is the French word for caterpillar, which refers to the texture and short pile of
fabric that give patches a soft carpet like touch. A letterman jacket would not be the same without its chenille patches,
Chenille Patches has made by vaulted yarn weave to create fluffy. These fuzzy threads do not show the details very well,
where they shine are bold, colorful pieces with simple letters or styles.

Custom Chenille Patches

Measure embroidered patch size: Measure your patches' length and width, then add them together and divide by 2.
Measure embroidered patch size
Chenille Patches Backing Options
We provide a variety of backing for your patches, such as Iron-on backing, Plastic backing, Adhesive backing,
Velcro backing, Paper backing, etc. If you are not sure what kind of backing you need, please let us know
your patch usage, then we will give you the best Suggestion.
  • Iron On Backing

    It's a quick and easy way to attachment, all you need is an iron. Just put the patch on the clothing and cover it with a thin wet towel to prevent scalding.

    Then set the temperature to 150℃ an put the iron on to the patch for 20-30 seconds until it is fully seated.

    iron on backing
  • Plastic Backing

    When you added a rigid Plastic Backing to your patches, that will give your patches extra support, meaning they can be maintained their shape even after continuous use.


    plastic backing
  • Adhesive Backing
    Easily removable, versatile use is the advantage of Adhesive Backing, but less permanent than other backings, Adhesive Backing is a great choice when you need the patches can quick and easy use on your clothing or accessories.
    Adhesive Backing
  • Velcro Backing

    Our Velcro backing with high quality and come with a hook-and-sew seam to your patch, and a soft side can be sewed to your clothes.

    Velcro Backing is a great choice when you have multiple patches or need to be able to remove the patches frequently.

    Velcro Backing
Packaging & Delivery

Sample time: 5-7 days.
Production time: standard order 7-10 days.
Packaging Details: 500 pcs/bag, pack according to customer's request.
Port: Shenzhen or any china port.
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