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Office: Hexie Road, Sanjiao Town, Zhongshan City, China
Factory: Hexie Road, Sanjiao Town, Zhongshan City, China
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Ruiji clothing label is a professional manufacturer of embroidered patches, we can create custom patches for any project. From the patterndesign to the production of the material, process and production methods we can be customized to your needs. all aspects of customization, we will arrange a special customer service docking to help achieve your production aspirations. We will complete your request in the stipulated time, and deliver the goods to you on time, these services we will achieve the industry best. We always adhere to high-quality and high speed standard production of finished products, each patch to the best of the industry.

Our one-stop customization service allows you to avoid worrying about the source of various patches. We offer all kinds of patches, such as military patches, NASA patches, police patches, security service patches, etc. . As long as you have a request, you can come to us for custom. We can tailor a patch for you or create a finished product based on your design. If you entrust us with the design, we can change the design according to your needs during the process of making the patch until you are satisfied. In this process if there is any dissatisfaction with the timely communication with us. We always insist on the best quality service in return for your most precious trust.

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