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Choose the Right Backing For Your Custom Embroidered Patches

Sep 05, 2020
 Custom Embroidered Patch backing

Custom embroidered patch backing is the most important things that need to consider when you are custom patches; depending on your practical use, there are several backing options your can choose from:
1. If you need to sewing the Patches onto any garment, Please use the vilene(paper) Backing.
2. Iron on Backing is best suited for non-stretch fabric clothing. It's a quick and easy way to attach. All you need is an iron. Just put the patch on the clothing and cover it with a thin wet towel to prevent scalding. Then set the temperature to 150℃ and put the iron on to the patch for 20-30 seconds until it is fully seated. 
3. When you added a rigid Plastic Backing to your patches, that will give your patches extra support, meaning they can be maintained their shape even after continuous use.
4. Easily removable, versatile use is the advantage of Adhesive Backing. But it less permanent than other backings. Adhesive Backing is a great choice when you need patches to quickly and easily use on your clothing or accessories.  
5. Velcro Backing is a great choice when you have multiple patches or need to be able to remove the patches frequently. Our Velcro backing with high quality and come with a hook-and-sew seam to your patch, and a soft side can be sewed to your clothes.