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Custom Iron On Patches Never Iron With Leather Clothing!

Sep 05, 2020
Custom Iron on Patches

Custom Iron on Patch Never Iron with Leather Clothing!
When You have a nice leather jacket, and you want to decorate it with some terrific-looking embroidered patches, which is a great idea.
But how to decorate the patches? Is iron pressing, ok? That's a hazardous idea!
The combination of iron and leather is an unpleasant process. In the best case, the patch won't stick. At worst, you will damage or even destroy a good leather jacket.


Why Custom Iron on Patch Never Iron with Leather Clothing?
The Patches need to be ironed at a temperature of 150 ° C to fix on the clothes. But the leather will shrink above high temperatures, and the leather shrinkage temperature is only about 60 ° C. The high temperature of 150 ° C is far beyond the leather can withstand the shrinkage range, leading to leather jacket deformation and even burn!
The best way to decorate some Custom Patch on a leather jacket
The best solution is to sewing patches onto your leather jacket, which is the safest and most traditional way. It can make the patches and jacket perfectly together and can remain forever. Don't be intimidated by the idea of sewing a patch onto your jacket. It's not complicated. If you don't want to do it yourself, find a local tailor and pay a small fee that will very simple to Sew your patches onto your clothes correctly. It's all worth it to make your jackets more fashionable and flattering.