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Where Can I Custom Patches At Cheap Pirce With Top Quality?

Sep 19, 2020

Where can i custom cheap patches?

When we buy any commodity, we will think of getting the best price, which is the lowest price. However, there is often a sharp contrast between cheap products and their quality, so cheap commodities are often equated with low quality in people's minds. Most of the cheaper products are the same. The quality is not perfect.


But when you order custom patches from Ruiji clothing label, we will let this equal sign completely lapse, and here you will be got a cheap and perfect quality patch. Why do we dare to say that? First of all, starting with raw materials, our embroidery threads and fabric are certified by the OEKo-tex standard, which is the most authoritative and influential textile certification in the world. Products bearing the OEKo-Tex Standard 100 label have been tested and certified by leading textile certification bodies in 15 countries worldwide, all under the Aegis of the International Environmental Textile Association. Oeko-tex Standard 100 offers a guarantee of ecological safety. 


We have more than 20 Tajima and Barudan embroidery machines imported from Japan. Tajima and Barudan embroidery machines are one of the world's most advanced embroidery machines, especially the Barudan embroidery machine, it can be embroidered the very fine details of the smallest texts can small to 3 mm (most of the machine can only do 5 mm). Then you don't have to worry about your patches details being too complicated or the text being too small to embroider.


Then to quality control, we guarantee that each patch we produce has gone through 100% quality inspection. Our product quality fully follows the IS9001: ISO14001 operating process to ensure that all of you receive patches are perfect. If you find any technical defects in our products, please contact us. We will replace it for you free of charge.


Finally, why can we guarantee that high-quality patches are cheap? Our professional team has more than 10 years of experience in customized patches, no matter from design, production to shipment. Every process can be skillfully driven, will not waste the cost in any link. Therefore, we can guarantee that the patches received by customers are cheap and of high quality.



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