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Custom Patches No Minimum With Sticker Backing for Caps

Sep 12, 2020
Custom Patches with sticker backing for Caps

We usually see the embroidery patches on the caps directly embroidered onto the caps. If you have a blank hat, you would like to add a custom patch to make it more fashionable and memorable. Can you do that?
Of course, you can! You can sew your custom patch onto the hat, but it may not be easily positioned because the cap's surface is not flat, but this is easy for us! We add a sticker backing to the back of the custom patch, and the patch can be temporarily fixed to the cap that it will not run away when sewing.
Can I iron the patch onto the cap? It isn't effortless. Because ironing patches need to be pressed on the flat fabric to ensure them correctly fixed, the cap's surface is curved, so it is not suitable for ironing the patches onto the caps.