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Custom Iron On Patches No Minimum

Sep 08, 2020
custom iron on patches

Ruiji clothing label has offered various custom patches backing options, but the most famous backing option is iron-on backing. It's effortless to understand why. Because each family has an iron machine on hand, but it's hard to have a sewing machine in every home.


However, it should be noted that not all clothing fabrics are suitable for ironing. For example, fabrics with high elasticity or leather clothing are not eligible for ironing. Cotton or polyester fabric can withstand high temperatures are the best choice for iron-on backing.


But please don't worry if you have ordered the iron backing embroidered patches that your clothing is not suitable for ironing, then you can change for sewing. The iron backing will not affect the sewing, and it will even make your patches feel stronger and remain in shape after multiple piles of washings.


How to iron on patches on clothing? Please refer to this article "How to Iron on Patches on clothing?"