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Choose The Right Border For Your Custom Embroidered Patches

Sep 08, 2020
embroidery border

There are several important aspects of options to consider when custom patch, the first is the color, the shape, and the size. But there is an important choice that you might not have thought of: the patch border style.
Custom patches are usually available with two kinds of border: Heat cut border (usually with machine laser cutting or manual thermal cutting), and the other is Merrow Border.
What's the difference between them? If you want your patch border to look very complicated or keeps the border irregular, please choose the Heat cut border. It is made by a plain embroidery stitch that makes the patch attached well to your clothes.
If your patch shape is standard (round, rectangular, square, oval), they are perfect for the Merrow border. The merrowed border will make your patch look thick and plump, showing a strong visual effect between the patch and the garment. The merrowed border is a very classic look. It's been prevalent for more than 150 years. (The Merrow Machine Company made the first Merrow border machine in 1868).
If you are unsure which border style is suitable for your design, please feel free to contact us. Our experienced designer will be happy to advise you on patch types, border styles, colors, and other design details.