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Get High Quality Custom Patches No Minimum The Way You Want

Sep 05, 2020
High-Quality Custom Patches

Are you still struggling to find the right company for designing your patches and logo? Are you still having second thoughts about which company to trust? Please contact Ruiji Company; here, we will use the best quality of service and patch quality back to your trust.


We can say that Ruiji clothing label is your best source for custom patches! We have more than 20 Tajima and Barudan embroidery machines import from Japan. Excellent equipment and professional technical support make our Patches real in very top quality. We guarantee each patch is subject to multiple checks. We insist on using the latest equipment to complete the most avant-garde design, adhere to our consistent standards and production processes, and provide you with our best customer service.


Things need to think about when Custom Patches, including size, shape, colors. Our Modern Embroidery Machines don't limit your dreams, as they can easily create your Custom Patches in any size, color, and Shapes. 


Our own design team has many years of patches of design experience, and we have completed many custom patch orders. Based on rich experience, we can design very nice patches according to your requirements. Besides, we can also complete your order according to your diversified needs. To bring you a full range of service experience, we also set up a quick order service. Our swift order service can help you get your Patches in a short time; the quality of Patches will be guaranteed. We will not treat any order carelessly because of the time urgency. This is our promise to you. If your order request time is very urgent, we can even complete your order in 3 days! If you find any technical problems with our Patches, please let us know, and we will replace them for you free of charge.